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St. Julien MonumentCEF100

was established in 2012 to provide leadership and support services that would help maximize public awareness and involvement

in remembering, honouring and learning

during the Great War Centenary 2014 to 2019.

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CEF100 Update: March 2015

The Intention

The initial focus of CEF100 efforts was to establish credibility and to prospect for opportunities where we could provide leadership and management skills to enhance the effectiveness of Great War commemoration initiatives. Establishing credibility proved to be relatively easy, however, identifying opportunities has been challenging.

The Reality

With some exceptions, Canadian federal and provincial governments have not placed a high priority on First World War commemoration. Federal-level financial support is being provided through existing funding programs with little additional funding focused on Great War commemoration. These funding programs—which are bureaucratic and controlling more than they are enabling—are oversubscribed.

Many of the organizations seeking funds for commemoration projects are well-intentioned and have good ideas. Unfortunately, many also struggle for support and have little capacity to raise funds or implement their ideas. A prime focus of CEF100 was to encourage the creation of programs that provided a common foundation and framework within which local projects could participate.  Our commemorative banner program was designed to make it as easy as possible for communities and organizations from across the country to participate in a collective commemoration initiative. Another CEF100 program focused on illustrating the relevance of Great War experiences to today’s youth. Attempts to garner institutional interest and encouragement, let alone collaboration and funding, have not been successful.

CEF100 Activities to Date

Examples of activities to date can be found on this page: Activities-to-date

Moving Forward

CEF100 will continue to STAND TO and be ready to support and promote initiatives through the remainder of the Great War centenary.

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John Azar

President and Chief Commemoration Officer

CEF100 Commemoration Society